ALVA is ESY, because it intelligently connects outdoor lighting


The ALVA bollard lights embody the ideal for robust yet intelligent outdoor lighting. With an integrated motion detector, they can automatically control entire lighting groups.



With their tapered light and the integrated light halos, the ALVA up-/downlights create a fascinating light effect for attractive and timeless, modern façades.


Intelligent lighting
for IT professionals

The März company building near Hamburg: ALVA bollard lights with integrated DALI motion detectors control lighting groups all around the building in broadcast mode and realise pleasant orientation lighting when required.



Even just the matching colour schemes and elegant design of the ALVA outdoor lights from ESYLUX makes them the ideal partner for the DEFENSOR series. Combine the DEFENSOR protection functions with an aluminium housing that is protected against sea air, a high level of impact resistance and the durability of the LEDs used, and you have an intelligent and extremely reliable lighting solution.


Water and dirt bounces right off

The die-cast aluminium housings are protected against sea air and guarantee optimum resistance, with the best level of protection against the ingress of water and dust. Their powder-coated surfaces do not just give the design a luxurious aesthetic: they stand out due to their dirt-repelling lotus effect and anti-graffiti properties.

Resistance is compulsory

Thanks to the die-cast aluminium or extruded profile and high protection-type values, the ALVA series is extremely robust and durable.

Keeping an eye on demand.

Thanks to an integrated motion detector, the lights illuminate only when needed. Even existing lights can be incorporated into this system, as can other end devices. This functionality enhances safety and  comfort – as well as saving energy. An orientation light feature and twilight switch function are also included.

Intelligent. Individual.

The ALVA series impressively demonstrates how solid outdoor lighting can have a modern design. The die-cast aluminium housings are protected against sea air and guarantee optimum resistance, with the best level of protection against the ingress of water and dust. Their powder-coated, dirt-repelling surfaces do not just give the design a luxurious aesthetic, they also stand out due to their anti-graffiti properties. Just as impressive as the light itself. The LEDs glow in the purest shade of white, have a particularly long service life and ensure that the illuminated environment is rendered in its natural colours. The option of integrated motion detectors and digital networking also promises intelligent light management – for individual lighting concepts according to your own personal wishes.

Individual light management for demand-driven scenes

If the bollard lights are additionally equipped with motion detectors, they are able to automatically control not only themselves, but also entire lighting groups. For example, when a person approaches, the networked lights will switch on simultaneously and switch off again once the person has left. It doesn't even matter which direction they approached from. This means that the light only uses energy when it is really needed.


Os candeeiros para iluminação exterior ALVA com detector de movimento DALI integrado permitem uma ligação em rede inteligente no serviço broadcast, permitindo, assim, uma luz de orientação agradável, por exemplo.

Com o actuador DALI da ESYLUX (1), os aparelhos podem ser facilmente integrados e comutados em função do movimento sem uma interface DALI (por exemplo, focos ascendentes/ descendentes ALVA).


Os detectores de movimento exteriores das séries RC, DEFENSOR e MD-W são a alternativa clássica para a comutação de grupos de luzes no exterior em função das necessidades.

Oferecem diferentes variantes e funções práticas adicionais e impressionam sempre com os seus sensores de alta qualidade.

The motion detector optionally fitted in the bollard light and wall/ceiling light also offers you additional useful control functions: If necessary, it can provide an orientation light that continues to emit a soft, pleasant glow when there is no longer anyone in the immediate surroundings. Or you could use the twilight switch function, which causes the light to switch on independently as soon as it gets dark outside. When the sun rises in the morning, the artificial light switches off automatically.

Orientation light



  • Protected against sea air and dirt-resistant
  • Variants with integrated motion detectors feature orientation light and twilight switch function
  • Motion detector enables the energy-efficient control of further lights and switch actuators

Attractive Accents

Not all facades are appealing to the eye of the beholder. Often, they lack a special touch – that certain aesthetic something that can never be achieved through simple illumination.

The perfect task for ALVA Up-/Downlights: With their conical light cast upwards and downwards, these lights create a fascinating light effect on all external walls, while the two lights that are integrated into the housing finish off the overall appearance to spectacular effect. As a result, your facades can finally be made attractive – and buildings can receive the final touches to achieve a timeless, modern elegance.


  • Protected against sea air and dirt-resistant
  • Variants with a variety of beam angles (13°, 28° and 50°)
  • Simple wall mounting due to universal one-handed plug-in base and large wiring area

DEFENSOR is ESY because it simply offers enhanced protection

The motion detectors and twilight switches from the DEFENSOR series are not only stylishly designed and easy to install, they also feature first-class functionality that delivers safety, convenience and energy efficiency.