ESYLUX solutions

Now governmentfunded in Germany

Thanks to government funding, the PD-ATMO 360i/8 O KNX presence detector has never been a more worthwhile investment.

Using a combination of LED lighting and intelligent controls already holds huge potential for saving money. Now the German guideline for promoting municipal climate action projects within the National Climate Initiative is allowing companies in Germany to lower their costs even further.

The initiative provides government grants for refurbishing indoor lighting and air-conditioning systems, among other services. For details please visit and search for Kommunalrichtlinie.

One detail that will be of particular interest to ESYLUX customers is that, with both of the above-mentioned services, funding is only provided if the renovation is performed in conjunction with control and regulation technology. The cost of this technology is then also subsidised. The funding rate is 20 % for indoor lighting and as much as 25 % for air-conditioning systems. Yet another reason why you should combine ESYLUX lighting with ESYLUX automation products such as the ATMO presence detector for improving ambient air using multi-sensor technology!